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In short, Dirge of Sorrows: A Nation Reborn (DoS1) is a Roleplaying/Turn-Based-Strategy hybrid that plays like a board game. It's inspired by Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen, but is very much its own thing... I have no interest in making yet another remake/reboot in an entertainment industry shamefully saturated with them. There's still plenty of things that have yet to be done, and hopefully this is one of them.

The World
Gameplay is divided into two sections: The World map and Local maps. Both the world and local maps are procedurally generated, with a bit of randomness to make each playthrough feel unique.

On the world map, you can manage your army or choose a location to invade (or a previous location you've conquered) and be taken to its local map.

On a local map, each squad is represented with a figurine/token and at the start of every turn gets 4 MP (Movement Points) and 1 AP (Action Points). After you have done everything you can with your squads and ended your turn, the enemy gets its chance to do whatever it can before it's your turn again. Attacking the enemy is not the only thing you can do with a squad, though, as each local map has numerous towns... some with shops for buying/selling equipment, and others with academies for recruiting/discharging characters. Capturing a town nets you some gold, and you will continue to gain gold every in-game hour from every town you control. However, you will lose some gold if the enemy captures one from you! Each local map also has two Strongholds: yours and the enemy's. If the enemy captures your stronghold... dun dun dunnnn, it's Game Over. If you capture the enemy's stronghold, you're a victorious leader that gets to return to the world map to continue their journey of conquest. Yay!

You won't find any character classes here, and the lack thereof allows for greater customization and depth of strategy. In DoS1, how a character performs in combat is dependent on what you chose to equip them with. There are no stats like Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, etc... just HP (Hit Points) and EP (Energy Points), each being a percentage (0-100%).

Each piece of equipment has an EP Cost, and the better it is the higher it costs to use it. So, while you have the freedom to make a character that is covered in plate armor and blasts entire enemy squads with fire magic... they may only get to attack once or twice before they run out of energy and need to rest at the nearest town to recuperate.

Each piece of equipment also has a number of slots for attaching runes, and the better it is the LESS slots it has. Runes come in many flavors, some being more elemental in nature (Fire, Earth, etc) while others are more for support (Area, Absorb, etc). Unlike equipment, or the characters themselves, runes gain experience and increase in level. The higher the level, the greater the effect... but also the greater the EP cost to use them. There are also 'linked' slots on equipment for using combinations of runes for more interesting results.

Combat in DoS1 is completely autonomous and plays out until one of two things happen: Every character in a squad has reached 0 HP (all dead), or every character in BOTH squads reaches 0 EP (they're all too tired to fight anymore). In case of emergency, there's always the option to retreat.

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